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India Travel SIM Card

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Simple SIMs India Travel SIM Card. Stay safe, stay connected and use your phone just like at home in your favourite destination. Simple! Comes with:


Please remember to let us know your Travel Dates, so we can make sure your SIM is programmed correctly.

When your plane lands, simply remove the old SIM in your mobile device and pop in your new Simple SIM. Some Android phones may require a simple 3 step APN process.

If your SIM does not connect, please contact our 24 hour support network immediately via: email/messenger/website chat. For more information, please consult our FAQ page or get in touch. Contact us here for Wholesale / Bulk options.

Please note that these SIMs have been desgined for use in mobile devices and we cannot guarantee that they will work in iPads/Tablets/Laptops or for hotspotting.

We don’t want you worried about anything, Simple has a 100% refund policy. That means if your SIM does not work the way it should, you will get a full refund.

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