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Simple SIMs started at 2AM, after a particularly long flight, outside a Family Mart convenience store while struggling to connect to spotty, unsecured and ultimately useless WiFi, trying to find directions to a scooby doo-esque hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Well, not exactly, but the idea started there and was soon followed by a discovery that Telecom companies rip-off travelling customers with predatory roaming fees, and available local SIMs pre-bought or in-country are generally either: expensive, unreliable, slow – and usually all of the above. 

That’s why we went on a journey, negotiating the best rates and deals and creating partnerships with the best Networks in the most popular destinations. Our work is never finished, if we don’t have the right SIM option for you, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

XOXO Simple SIMs Team

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